Migraines, anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia – a common cause.

One condition that I see in my practice that has been most difficult to treat is migraines.  I was listening to a webinar by Dr. Marty Hinz regarding the use of amino acid therapies, and he stated that migraines are easy to treat.  This caught my attention, because that had not been my experience; I had been stymied by some patients with migraines in the past.  As the webinar went on, Dr. Hinz laid out the most common conditions that show up alongside migraines: fibromyalgia, and insomnia.    Other conditions that can be related are depression, anxiety, attention or focus issues, brain fog, hot flashes, hormonal fluctuations, mood disorders, chronic pain – to name a few (but these conditions need more teasing out to identify cause).  The common underlying cause of these conditions can be a significant deficiency in serotonin levels.  This is why patients with migraines sometimes respond to antidepressant pharmaceuticals. But the pharmaceuticals do not fix the problem.  They are only a band-aid, and will eventually cause an array of side effects by depleting other chemical pathways in the body.

The therapy recommended by Dr. Hinz consists of amino acids designed to flood the serotonin pathways, while simultaneously supporting the dopamine/adrenaline pathway. This method prevents the side effects seen with the use of pharmaceuticals, or nutraceuticals when used out of balance. These product are NeuroReplete, CysReplete, and RepleteExtra. They were developed by Dr. Hinz, and are made to pharmaceutical standards.

My first experience using these products to treat migraines was with a forty two year old woman, who had a twenty year history of fibromyalgia and migraines. Her migraines would come on three times each week and were debilitating. They affected her life in such a way that she was unable to work outside the home, had to alter social engagements, and was often unable to travel.  In addition to some dietary recommendations to reduce inflammation, we decided together to start the protocol for increasing serotonin (NeuroReplete, CysReplete, and vitamin B6).  After two weeks, the patient returned, and had experienced only three migraines since our previous visit, all of which she was able to function through! We then brought in additional serotonin support (RepleteExtra).  After another two weeks, the patient reported complete resolution of all migraines and fibromyalgia symptoms.  It is easy to imagine the joy this patient feels, being liberated from chronic pain after twenty years.  It was immensely gratifying as a practitioner to witness this healing.

Not all patients experience this dramatic response, but I have had the joy of watching this protocol work effectively on many patients since then.  What an awesome tool to have at my disposal!


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