Fall Medicine Cabinet

The cold and flu season is upon us. Kids are returning to school, and exposing the entire family to “the communal germ pool” as one of my favorite teachers used to say.  Influenza and the common cold are both infections caused by different viruses. This time of year it is important to support immune function.  Read More

A Natural Cure for Giardia

     Gastrointestinal issues are one of the areas I work with the most often in my clinical practice.  If I suspect a microbe is contributing to symptoms, I often prescribe a product called Biocidin. I have watched it turn health around for innumerable patients. I use it regularly to treat dysbiosis – the overgrowth of Read More

What does it take to be a Naturopathic Doctor?

Did you know that Naturopathic Doctors have to attend  Medical School, just like conventional Medical Doctors?  There are Seven Colleges in North America that are accredited.  Here is information from the AANMC website about those colleges. Bastyr University, Seattle, Washington, and San Diego, California.  Bastyr University is recognized globally for its rigorous curriculum and NIH-funded Read More

Food can heal or hurt

I am fortunate to have a feel good job. I get the opportunity to participate in the healing journey of many patients. Nothing is more fulfilling than bearing witness to the physical healing, changes in consciousness and empowerment that come from education and working with the body. Some of my favorite experiences in medicine involve Read More